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Seedring contains a wish that

hope to make small seedlings grow big.

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Our Philosophy

(1) As a beauty professional, We strive to provide more 

"beautifulness" than our customers want.

(2) To appreciate everything, things, and people,

we always learn and move forward.

(3) Not only customers, but also all employees' true happiness, we aim to contribute to the development of society.

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We are developing a beauty business that specializes in eyelashes that bring out the beauty of women.

(We had hope to expand our salon, which can offer safe salon to the world by taking advantage of Japan's high technology and hospitality). And, in 2017, we started our business from Kyushu to Bangkok, Thailand, which is known as an advanced country of having cutting edge beauty technologies. 

Thank you in advance.

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【 Company Overview】

 Company name: Seedring (Thailand)  Co.,Ltd.

Owner : Akimoto Nozomi

Head Office : Seedring Co.,Ltd.


【 Business Details】

◇ Eyelash Salon

◇ Administration of Eyelash Beauty Academy

◇Recruitment project with Eyelash Salon FC partner

◇Support for the expansion of overseas business from Japan

◇ Support for Eyelash Introduction Course in the Beauty School


【Partnership 】

 Asuka Beauty Culture College

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