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Eye Make Series

mascara, liner of Lash addict are more than just charming the eyelashes and eyes.


It contains patented Nano peptide and leads to healthy beauty.


Your eyelashes become beautiful every time you make them.

Experience revolutionary change.


Lashaddict®︎ / advanced method of growing eyelashes

Lash Addict,

A new program to grow self- eyelashes!


Professional Addict Pro Care (Salon Care) and Addict serum at home (home care)


Take your eyelashes as you please with the combination therapy...

Don't fake it, make it !!

 Not only can you show your beautiful eyes and eyelashes!

With the special technique of Nano-peptide, we will make your eyelash beautiful and healthy!

Please experience yourself the beauty of your eyelash and the innovative changes every time you put on makeups.


Lash Addict

Eyelash Conditioning Serum
(Eyelash Cream)

3,500 THB (Tax excluded) / NET 5ml


Blow Addict

Eyebrow Conditioning Serum
( Eyebrow beauty serum)

3,500 THB (Tax excluded) / NET 5ml


Lash Addict

Major Extension Mascara
Major Drama Mascara

1,300 THB each(Tax excluded)
/ NET 8ml

Lashaddict ラシャス.jpg

Lash Addict
Luscious Lash Liner

1,300THB (Tax excluded)/ NET 4ml

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