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Seedring Eyelash Academy

The attraction of Seedring eyelash academy

Attractive Japan’s new technology,
Japan’s advanced technology

You can learn Japanese manners and their hospitality!

Salon who runs the salon

You can tell the different from other salons

 Performance improvement and improvement in
sales is highly expected!


 Trial Course [For people who are interested in eyelash beauty and developing it] 

One-day Course [Beginner] Classic Course [Intermediate] Professional Course [Advanced] is available!

Those who have graduated from the Professional Course can also be recommended to Asuka Beauty Cultural College (ASUKA) in Japan.


Certification System

After completing special training at ASUKA Beauty School

 For the students who have been certified, official diploma and sticker issued by ASUKA Beauty School can be hung at the shop.

 Skill-up course

『For Students of Seedring』

We invite Asuka lecturer from Japan 1 to 2 times a year to Thailand to hold a Skill-up seminar
with the purpose of providing new information and fellowship in Japan.



training time:3hour

cost of training:3,000 B 
Including Materials


training time:6hour

cost of training:10,000 B 

material cost:2,000 B
Including diploma


training time:14hour

cost of training:15,000B 

material cost:3,000B
Including diploma


training time:25hour

cost of training:50,000B 

material cost:20,000B
Including diploma

Rash Addict Implementation Course

training time:4hour

cost of training:20,000B 

material cost:45,000

Including diploma

eyelash perm course

training time:6hour

cost of training:15,000B 

material cost:4,000B
Including diploma

Single Product Training (Including Materials)

eyelash excelive            9,000B

eyelash extender               7,000B

lower eyelash extensions      10.000B

lower eyelash perm               10,000B

designing                              15,000B

eye shampoo                 5,000B

brush-up lesson             2,000B/1H

Points of Seedring eyelash academy

Discount is available for simultaneous attendance more than 2 people


We offer Seedring's original brand and Japan’s special materials
for use at special prices for students


Prior information about the Japan’s latest technology lessons


With follow-ups


FC accession rights reserved

Support for Thailand business advancement

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